The Eternals Collection

"Our minds are constructs—but the thoughts and ideas that we create are Eternal!"

We've been delighted at how the community has embraced and celebrated MINDDS. Together we've reached amazing goals as collectors and as a community. We've enjoyed contests and competitions, supporting each other in times of need and growing stronger together. We've raised money for charity. And the community has responded to the project not only by collecting it, but with powerful creative collaborations.

With The Eternals Collection, we want to take MINDDS to the next level together. For this series of NFTs, the creator of MINDDS, Dario De Siena collaborated with STÆN, an accomplished 3-D artist who brought his own unique style to the design, traits and energy of MINDDS. We decided to invite him on board because collaboration is the ethos of our community—we truly are stronger together.

333 MINDDS 2.0 will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain as custom ERC-721 Token. We are excited for the future and looking forward to build together a strong community for the long run.


We are not fans of hundreds of traits that do not create an impact on our collection. We'd like to keep our traits simple and create stunning NFTs that are easily recognizable while travelling through the NFT space. Still, there are many rarities among our collection, so keep an eye open for those rare combinations of our traits!


Multicolor | 

Black & White | 

Full Black | 

Monochrome | 

Gold | 

Special Edition


333 Unique Names


Light | 

Advanced | 



Horn | 

Cap | 

Mouse | 

Fox | 

Mohawk | 



We want to ensure that loyal collectors get their share on this project. We will not announce a roadmap with promises of utilities. We'd like to positively surprise the community with new content. Stay tuned on our Discord for exciting announcements. We are here to stay.


3D Artist


Digital Mage, Workaholic & 3D Enthusiast.
It's pronounced STÄN 😉



Dario De Siena

Painting artist entered web3 in early 2021. Addicted to NFTs & in love with the community



Florin Grunder

Passionate UI/UX & Motion Designer with a flair for crazy & experimental designs.




Full Stack Web3 developer enabling artists & redistributing ownership



How do I buy MINDDS 2.0?
While supplys last, you can purchase your MINDDS 2.0 NFTs by connecting your wallet and minting on this website. Once sold out, you may still purchase MINDDS 2.0 on secondary markets like OpenSea.OpenSea.
When was the holders snapshot taken?
Block 14298780. Mar-01-2022 03:48:41 AM +UTC.
When will MINDDS 2.0 presale minting begin?

- Shape #001 Holders 0.333ETH 3-24-22 @ 9am EDT / 8am CDT, 24 hour window

- All Other Holders 0.5ETH 3-25-22 @ 9am EDT / 8am CDT, 24 hour window

Join Discord for more info!

Will there be a public sale?

Public sale will begin 24 hours after collections presale if all 333 MINDDS have not yet been minted.

How much does MINDDS 2.0 cost to mint?

- MINDDS 2.0 Holders Sale: 0.1 ETH

- Public Sale: 0.5 ETH

How many items can I mint?

- MINDDS Shape 001 Holders: 1 per Shape 001 in wallet

- Presale: 1 per wallet

- Public Sale: 2 per transaction

Can Shape 001 Holders still mint during the presale?
Yes, but each mint will cost 0.5 ETH.
Can presale minters still mint during public sale?
Yes, anyone can mint during public sale.
How many items will be minted?
A maximum of 333 items will be minted.
When reveal?
3-27-22 @ 2pm EDT / 1pm CDT
How do you ensure a fair mint?

- A permanent provenance hash will be deployed with the NFT contract.

- The block of the last sale before reveal will be used for the token offset.

- The offset values and original metadata will be uploaded to the site.

- Once sold out, the owner and authorized addresses for setting URI will be renounced (set to 0 address). This ensures URIs can never be updated again. Before sell-out, we must keep the owner to withdraw from our contract.

What happened to using Chainlink VRF?
We made use of Chainlink VRF V2 but mistook the proper parameters for number generation. Instead, we are using the last sales block before reveal. We sincerely apologize for this last minute change. As a result, the contract's revealed boolean will return false, despite being revealed. See above for how we guarantee URI permanence.
How are MINDDS created?
Each item is created individually by hand and has its own unique style.
Can we see your smart contract?
Any question?
Get in touch with the team on Discord.


Made with Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 empowers us as creators to deliver stunning next-generation 3D content, experiences, and really amazing NFTs.


With help of Meta Human

We use Metahuman to ensure the best quality in our NFT content. This accelerates our workflow and let's us create incredible humanoids with our own touch.